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"Knocks Fifty Shades of Grey out of the park!" Mint Lifestyle

"When are we going to see the sequel?" A. Jurshevski, Economist, Canada

"I sincerely hope... [this is not a one off]" Ed, a City lawyer.



Laws of Contrition

A raunchy contemporary novel about life on and off the trading floor of an American investment bank, which opens in March 2008.  Wordcount: 127,700 words / 484 pages

Formats: Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9565859-3-6 / Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9565859-4-3 / Multi e-format ISBN: 978-0-9565859-5-0

Price guide: £8.99/US$14.99 for paperback - £3.50/ US$5.99 for Kindle and multi e formats

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Phonetic Chaldean Numerology & Fallen Bankers
Were there signs?

Included are charts for:
Bernie Madoff
Kweku Adoboli
Nick Leeson
(for contrast & comparison)
Warren Buffett

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And click here to see Dick Fuld's chart which will be included in Vol 2

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“An excellent handbook on a quick and effective method to bring about change in thinking, feeling and behaving.”  Wendy Stokes, author, The Light Workers’ Circle Guide


“I am not at all good at affirmations, but when faced with various health issues I found The Logical Magic of Change a real help.” M. Lucas, New York



The Logical Magic of Change

Description: A self help guide to change using affirmations, with an emphasis on their safe use. Wordcount: 20,500 words / 120 pages

Formats: Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9565859-0-5 / Kindle & Multi-E Format: ISBN: 978-0-9565859-1-2

Stockists: Amazon UK and dotcom, and all major online retailers.

Price guide: £4.99/US$7.99 for paperback - £2.99/US$4.99 for e formats.

Audiobook - ISBN: 978-0-9565859-2-9 Price: £12.99 Currently unavailable for purchase online, however, orders can be fulfilled via email. Click here to read the information guide.

"I really enjoyed interviewing Valerie. As in her book she shares generously from her expertise and experience."

Christine N. Herbert, Founder Wise Women Online. To see the full review and listen to the audio recording, visit wisewomenonline

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